Blog Tour: One Love Chigusa By Soji Shimada & Translated By David Warren


First of all I would like to thank Matt and Red Circle Press for being so kind and sending me a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Welcome to my spot on One Love Chigusa Blog Tour. One Love Chigusa is “a love story that explores the mechanics of the heart and humankind’s inevitable evolution” and is most definitely a story not to be missed!

One Love Chigusa by Soji Shimada and translated by David Warren centres on (official blurb): A love story that explores the mechanics of the heart and humankind’s inevitable evolution. One Love Chigusa by Soji Shimada, one of Japan’s most famous authors, is a tale of obsessive love in a world where technology has crept into the very heart of humanity. The year is 2091 AD. A horrendous motorcycle accident leaves Xie Hoyu coming to terms with his new cybernetic body. Reconstructed from the latest biomechanical prosthetics, he is discharged from hospital and tries to return to his life as an illustrator after many weeks in recovery. While surgery saves his life, existence for Xie has lost all meaning. His saviour comes in the form of a girl with whom Xie falls hopelessly in love. But not all is as it seems.”

I firstly need to say that this book was not only well-written, utterly compelling and beautiful translated but it is one of the best artificial intelligence stories I have ever read. From the on set this story was absolutely compelling and creepy. The mystery within kept me completely in thrilled and constantly left me wanting more.

When I first heard the premise of this book I was immediately hooked. There were so many things that I loved about this book. One of them being the evolution of humankind in connection with artificial intelligence. I have always been fascinated by stories that involve AI and One Love Chigusa certainly did not disappoint.

Throughout the whole of this book Soji Shimada somehow makes you as the reader have such a connection with not only the main character Xie Hoyu but also the character of Chigusa herself. You as the reader find yourself completely rooting for a love story that not only explores the human heart, humankind’s evolution but also the world of artificial intelligence itself and believe me when I say what a ride that is.

For such a small book the character development within was so powerful in itself. In a way this story tests the limits and distance one is really willing to travel for the ones that they love. Even if that means breaking the rules of technology, society and humankind along the way. However, I do want to make one finally point and that is this book will break your heart but believe me its so worth it!

Please do check out the other stops on this blog tour for more awesome content/reviews on One Love Chigusa.



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