Blog Tour: Still Lives By Reshma Ruia

Hey Guys! Welcome to my spot on the Still Lives Blog Tour. I would like to thank the lovely Will at Renard Press for being so kind and sending me a copy in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Still Lives by Reshma Ruia centres on (official blurb): “Young, handsome and contemptuous of his father’s traditional ways, PK Malik leaves Bombay to start a new life in America. Stopping in Manchester to visit an old friend, he thinks he sees a business opportunity, and decides to stay on. Now fifty-five, PK has fallen out of love with life. His business is struggling and his wife Geeta is lonely, pining for the India she’s left behind. One day PK crosses the path of Esther, the wife of his business competitor, and they launch into an affair conducted in shabby hotel rooms, with the fear of discovery forever hanging in the air. Still Lives is a tightly woven, haunting work that pulls apart the threads of a family and plays with notions of identity.”

Emotions played a big role whilst reading this book. I absolutely hated the main character PK he made my blood boil with how selfish, self-centred and greedy he was. My heart absolutely bleed for Geeta she deserved better! Amar deserved a better father one who loved him as much as his mum Geeta did. I honestly do not know how I feel about this book, the ending absolutely broke me and all I could think about was poor Geeta.

Reshma Ruia definitely has a skill at writing family stories and the effects that one decision can have on not only an individual but a whole family. I flew through this book because the writing was so engaging however, unfortunately the story just wasn’t for me personally. However, I cannot wait to see what Reshma Ruia does next.

Still Lives is definitely a story that leaves you with a haunting feeling! Identity plays such a key role throughout this book and how one individuals identity can take over/become another individuals whole identity especially if that person is a spouse. If you love a story that is about love, betrayal and belonging then this is definitely a book for you!

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