Discussion: Ode to John Keats

Today’s discussion post is on the topic of John Keats and it just so happens to also coincide with the bicentenary of John Keats’ Death (23rd February marks the 200th anniversary of his passing).

Its no secret that John Keats is one of my great literature loves. He may have left this world believing he was ‘writ in water‘ but that is most definitely far from the truth.

He will forever be the poet of my soul. The fact that he didn’t believe he was successful still amazes me. He achieved so much in such a short span of time. He had such a talent and a flair for words.

John Keats is so deserving of recognition, love and respect. Its such a shame that his potential and talent was only really recognised after he left the world. The world would definitely be a poorer place without Keats’ poetry and letters.

When it comes to love stories Keats’ has to be one of my favourites. His love story with Fanny was everything, his love letters to her encapsulate his soul and continue to capture the hearts of millions today.

I love reading Keats’ poetry at any point in the year however, I always signify Keats with Autumn. There is nothing better then reading Keats’ poetry on a chilly, crisp Autumn morning enveloped in a cozy blanket with a big cup of tea in one hand, your favourite volume of his poetry in another and the scent of your favourite candles burning in the background.

If I could I would want to tell John Keats that he was and is so much more than he ever thought he was. I would tell him that his words and poetry are so full of heart and show so much love towards beauty, nature and romance. His poetry will forever sing my heart’s song. He maybe perpetually 25 but his poetry will continue to have such an impactful and meaningful effect on not only me but on generations to come.

I will forever express my love for his poetry and hold this impactful quote of his close to my heart:

Don’t be discouraged by failure. It can be a positive experience.

So guys that is it for today’s discussion post, well lets face it this was really just a post for me to gush about my love for John Keats πŸ˜‚ 😍🌹 Have you read any of Keats’ poetry? If so, do you have any favourite poems? Do you have a favourite poet or a great literature love?

(Photo of book is my own please do not take or copy without permission first).

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