Some Of My Favourite Booktubers #1


Hi guys, today I wanted to share with you a new section that I will be posting on this blog every now and then and that will be sharing some of my favourite Booktubers. There’s nothing better than doing some shoutouts to other members of the bookish community. So in today’s post I am going to share with you my first 7 favourite Booktubers.

Adrian @StrippedCoverLit  Where do I start with this awesome guy, well first of all since discovering Adrian’s channel ‘StrippedCoverLit’ over a year ago we have quickly become good friends. His videos are well structured, informative and straight to the point. He talks about books in such an awesome way, that it literally makes you want to stop what you’re doing and buy the book that is being talked about and read it straight away. He is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to literature and writing and is most definitely a hidden gem on booktube.

Ange @Beyond the Pages  Ange is a wonderful Australian booktuber who uploads a range of different bookish videos. She is great at talking and discussing the books she is reading and has read. She talks about such a wide variety of classics and modern classics and always has interesting things to say about them.

Lil @Lil’s Vintage World  – Lil is just an all round lovely booktuber. She reads a wide range of genres including classics, history non-fiction, classic cosy crime and so many others. She is extremely knowledgeable on history and her history non-fiction recommendations are just brilliant. As well as bookish videos you can also find history and vintage videos on her channel as well. She is also a big lover of Agatha Christie which is just awesome.

Adam @MementomoriAdam is another awesome male booktuber who never fails to put a smile on my face when it comes to his bookish videos. He is great at analysing books as well as talking about and discussing them. I love the fact that he is not afraid to talk about the books he doesn’t like. He always gives such insightful and indepth book reviews. He is also currently reading his way through William Faulkner’s work (all 19 in chronological order), which is a series on his channel titled ‘What the Faulk’ and this series is taking place over a year. Another bonus for all my fellow bookstagrammers out there, Adam also posts beautiful bookstagram photos as well as his amazing illustrations (Adam’s Instagram can be found here).

 Yamini @The Skeptical Reader  Yamini is a fantastic booktuber who has such a brilliant perspective on the books that she reads especially classic books. She gives such insightful book reviews and is not afraid to talk about the books that she just didn’t like.

Sophie @Sophie Carlon  Sophie is another brilliant Australian booktuber. She is also a writer and publishes her own work which is pretty awesome. She reads such a wide variety of books and has such an interesting tone to her videos. She also occasionally uploads non-bookish related videos which are always entertaining and a nice little change. And last of all she has a cool pet snake named Abbie and a fish called Boyd who also appears in her videos from time to time.

 Kamil @WhatKamilReads Kamil is once again another awesome male booktuber. For a start he has such an amazing accent. He is great at analysing and discussing books. He reads such a wide and diverse range of books and always gives insightful reviews. He is just an all round great booktuber.

This is the first of many posts I hope to do over the next few months on my favourite booktubers. There are so many great content makers on booktube. I would love to hear of any booktuber recommendations that you guys might have for me and anyone else. I hope you have fun checking out these great booktubers and do let me know if you find any new favourites.


(Photo is from Google Image and the edit was done by me)


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