Becoming the Conqueror: When Treachery Threatened His Duchy, Young William Took up his Father’s Sword By Joseph T. Pickett


“If you betray me, your brother’s death will seem like a pleasant way to go compared to that which I shall make you suffer. Understand? Montgomery nodded silently.”

Once again this is a book featuring Medieval History however this one has a slight differences and that it the fact it is a historical fiction book. I was contacted by the author Joseph who is also a friend of mine on Instagram, asking if I would like to review his eBook on William the Conqueror. I have always had a big interested in this period of history and have also studied it throughout my schooling and my A-levels. William the Conqueror is also one of my favourite monarchs behind Richard III. So you could imagine my excitement when Joseph messaged me about reviewing his book – I obviously said Yes! So once, again I would like to thank my friend and author Joseph for being so kind and sending me a copy of his eBook in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Becoming the Conqueror was written by Joseph T. Pickett and was first published in 2015 as an eBook. Joseph is a self-published author and Becoming the Conqueror is the first book in a series. The story centres on (Official Blurb): “Normandy, 1035 AD. Duke Robert has died on pilgrimage, leaving his seven year old son William as his heir. This unprepared boy finds himself thrown into the power games of the great men of Normandy, who do not hesitate to use the most deadly means to gain power. Who can he trust, when every courtly smile could hide a wolf’s fangs? With Normandy’s very existence threatened by the ambitions of his bitter rival, the Duke of Anjou, and his cunning overlord, the King of France, William must stand up to rebellion by his own querulous barons and unite Normandy against its enemies. Only then can he forge his destiny and become the Conqueror.”

First of all I have a pretty big statement to make about this eBook however, it is a statement that I am most definitely sticking by and that is the fact that Becoming the Conqueror is one of the best historical fictions I have ever read. As I stated before Becoming the Conqueror is the first book in a series and it looks at the beginning of Williams the Conqueror’s epic formative years throughout Normandy and England.

There are so many things that I absolutely loved about this book to the point I really don’t know where to start. For example, Becoming the Conqueror is a compelling, thrilling, exciting and brilliant first novel. Every character within this book is written absolutely brilliantly and I have to say there was two characters in particular that were hands down my favourite and they were: William (the Conqueror) and his best friend William FitzOsbern. This novel has everything from witty dialogue, brilliant characterisation, fast-paced action, the list can go forever.

Overall, Becoming the Conqueror is an absolute page-turner that you will most definitely love getting lost in. I would highly recommend this book to anyone, especially if you’re a historical fiction fan or have a love of this period of English history. For me personally Becoming the Conqueror is definitely a new favourite of mine and I cannot wait until the next instalment. The final thing I will say about this book and that is the fact it is an all round bloody brilliant first novel and if you decide to pick it up it definitely will not disappoint.


The edition I read was an eBook (2015).

(Image is my own please do not take/copy without permission first).


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