Wonder Women By Sam Maggs


Where to start with this book is definitley the question – so first of all prior to reading this book, shamefully I’d only heard of a few of the women mentioned/talked about within this book. In fact if we really broke it down out of the 25 women Innovators, Inventors and Trailblazers who changed history that are talked about and discussed in this book as well as the 35 mentioned and the 5 interviewed women I’d only ever heard and knew about 6 of them. I would like to thank Jamie-Lee at Quirk Books for being so kind and sending me a copy in exchange for an honest and fair review.

The book details and talks about great women who have made an impact and changed history from the 13th century to the latter half of the 20th century. This book is divided up into five different and very broad chapters: women of science, women of medicine, women of espionage, women of innovation and women of adventure. Not only do you get to learn and be educated about these women from very different career areas but the women also mentioned throughout this book were very diverse, from Trans women to gay women, to African American, to those from before this century, to the 5 women that are interviewed from our current era.

Throughout this book the author Sam Maggs uses a fun and modern tone when it comes to describing these women and their brilliant achievements which makes this book a fresh, fun and a very insightful read for anyone. There was only one thing that I had a problem with when it came to this book and that was the fact some areas of the writing could come across as a bit annoying. However, this book is most definitely a great and important read and should be put onto school reading lists so that these awesome women can continue to be celebrated for their achievements and work towards a better world as well as showing young girls/teenager girls that they can dream, set goals and achieve the careers and lives they want.

Wonder Women tells the most increible stories about the most inspiring, empowering and great women throughout time. If you’ve ever wanted to educate yourself or maybe teach and inspire a younger female in your life about what you or them could/can accomplish with hard work and amazing role models that have unfortunately been mostly lost to history, then you’ll definitely want to pick up a copy of Wonder Women for yourself and maybe an extra copy or two for someone special and/or a friend.

The edition I read was published by Quirk Books (2016)

(Image is my own please do not copy/take without permission first)


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