Wings of the Storm By Giles Kristian


First I would like to say how excited and proud I am to be part of the Wings of the Storm Book Blog Tour. For other stops on this very exciting book blog tour please check out the poster at the end of this review.

When it comes to historical fiction and the topics that they cover I have some very much loved favourites and one of them happens to be the Vikings. So when I happen to come across a tweet showing some of Giles’s beautiful historical fiction books on the Vikings I knew there and then that they were the historical fiction books I had been looking for and straight away knew I would love to review them on here. So I would like to thank Giles and Sophie for being so kind and sending me a copy in exchange for a fair and honest review as well as a big thank you again to Sophie for giving me this opportunity to be part of Giles’s Wings of the Storm Book Blog Tour.

This beautiful book is the third and final instalment of Giles Kristian’s Viking saga trilogy on Sigurd Haraldarson’s so be sure to check out book one (God of Vengeance) and book two (Winter’s Fire) as well.

The story centres on the character and warrior Sigurd Haraldarson and his very loyal group of oathsworn warriors who have two very big things going for them: 1. Their winning fame and 2. Their reputation. Sigurd has one main aim in his life and that is to take on his most hated enemy, the oath breaker and betrayer, King Gorm himself. However, Sigurd knows that just by having winning fame and good reputation that is not enough he also needs to win riches as well.

I absolutely loved this book it had absolutely everything I could wish for in a historical fiction book on the Vikings. This novel and the trilogy clearly shows Giles’s understanding of this time period. Not only has Giles’s given us so much more from epic heroism, blood-curdling vengeance, the description of the breathe-taking and beautiful Scandinavian landscapes from the thick forests to the white snowy mountains as well as the power of the Norse Gods such as Loki (who happens to be one of my favourite Norse Gods) and not forgetting the mighty Odin. Giles’s then also takes it one step further by giving you a glimpse into another world one that is not looked at as much but most definitely should be and that is the world of women warriors. He does this brilliantly by telling Sigurd’s sister’s Runa story alongside Sigurd’s story.

So if you love axe-wielding, spear-throwing, blood-hungry Vikings and are looking for a historical fiction authror and trilogy that does the job right then Giles Kristian and The Rise of Sigurd trilogy is definitely what you’ve been waiting and/or looking for.

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