The Railway Children By E.Nesbit


When it comes to children’s classics I have had a few on my list that I have wanted to read for a while now one of them being The Railway Children. So, when Will at Alma Books recently got in touch with me asking if I would like to review any of the four books they were releasing that week I grabbed at the chance to review this beautiful copy of The Railway Children, after gushing at it on their twitter page only a few days before hand. So I would like to thank Will at Alma Books again for sending me a copy in exchange for a honest and fair review.

The Railway Children was written by E.Nesbit (Edith Nesbit) and was first published in 1906. Even though I know the story of The Railway Children after watching the 1970 movie adaptation of it countless times as a child, this happened to be my first time reading this beautiful children’s classic and I must say I loved it.

The story centres around three children: Roberta, Phyllis and Peter. They live quite a privileged and tame life that is until their beloved father is taken away. However, at that point in time the knowledge of what has happened to their father is unknown to the children. From this moment, the three children and their mother must move away to the countryside and now live a poorer life in a rundown cottage called The Three Chimneys. Their mother is busying herself with writing children’s stories so they can afford coal and food. While Mother is busying writing, the three children have a variety of adventures, meet and make many new friends and grow very fond of the local the railway that ends up becoming very special to them.

This children’s classic places children in real life situations, and also shows them finding real life solutions to their problems as well. This novel not only does this but the author E.Nesbit also provides a somewhat realistic view into the Edwardian period. As well as this, Nesbit shows a key understanding of the human nature which shows through the characters as throughout the story they become very real to the reader. The major theme of this book is that, good will overcome the bad no matter what happens. These aspects combined with a good plot, brilliant character and wonderful writing makes for a very enjoyable read.

Don’t you think it’s rather nice to think we’re in a book that God’s writing? If I were writing a book, I might make mistakes. But God knows how to make the story end just right – in the way that’s best for us.

The story came to life more with every page you read even more so with the beautiful illustrations by Peter Bailey that accompanied the start of every new chapter. They made the whole journey so much more magical and give such a nostalgic feeling of them childhood afternoon sat snuggled up watching the wonderful adaptation of this children’s classic.


The Railway Children by E.Nesbit is another children’s classic that will stand the test of time and will continue to be loved by generations of children and adults alike.


The edition I read was published by Alma Classics (2016)

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