Five Little Pigs By Agatha Christie


Five Little Pigs was written by Agatha Christie and was first published in 1942. This classic crime novel is about a murder that takes place sixteen years previous to the events that occur within this book.

The event that had taken places sixteen years before was the murder of an artist, Amyas Crale. An individual was charge with his murder and sentence to life in prison and that individual was Amyas’s wife Caroline Crale at the time of his murder, he and Caroline had a five year old daughter who was sent away due to the events that had taken place. However, sixteen years later a young woman by the name Carla Lemarchant employs Hercule Poirot to reinvestigate this long forgotten murder. It turns out that Carla is the daughter of Amyas and Caroline Crale and she believes that her mother was innocent and that the murderer is still out there and living their life freely.

The Five Little Pigs are a group of individuals (Philip Blake, Meredith Blake, Elsa Greer, Miss Williams and Angela (Caroline’s sister)) who were present at the house at the time of Amyas murder. This means that they were all capable of murder.

This mystery is very different to Agatha Christie’s other ones due to the fact the murder is sixteen years old and that Hercule Poirot had heard of the case but never was involved in the original investigation. This means the true identity of the murderer can only be discovered through interviewing previous individuals and suspects and also examining old journals. This style of book allows Agatha Christie to show case just how good she is when it comes to presenting entirely different characters and their outlook on a situation.

Not only does this book have a great group of suspects, it is also a tale of love, jealousy, passion, anger, deceit and tragedy. Throughout the whole novel Christie shows that she is in command of her plot and characters no matter what the situation is.

This is one of my favourite Poirot mysteries and I highly recommend both the book and tv adaptations of Agatha Christie’s Five Little Pigs.

Read: 25th May, 2016


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