Tips on how to read more


1. Prioritise your reading – Make the conscious decision to read instead of watching Netflix/TV, playing games or even surfing the internet. Switch off technology while you read can help majorly with prioritising your reading.

2. Always have a book with you – No matter where you go have some sort of book on you whether it is in the form of an actual book or an e-reader or even a audiobook. That way if you find yourself waiting in a queue or have some spare time to kill you have a book at hand.

3. Read multiple books at once – Okay so this tip may not be for everyone however if you can read more than one book at a time then this is a prefect way to read more. The one thing I would suggest is that you read a variety of genres so that storylines don’t get confused.

4. Designate yourself a reading time – The best way to do this is to find a time what suits you best with your reading whether that is first thing in the morning, before you go to bed at night or at a point during the day. Once you have found this out you can then plan/schedule how much time you want to devote to reading. However, if you can not plan a daily schedule for your reading then why not try reading sprints throughout the day when you have a spare few minutes to read. This then will help to make reading a habit.

5. Take part in buddy reads and readathons – The best way to find out what readathons are taking place and also when they are starting is through booktube and certain book blogs. Once you have found out about the different readathons and chose the ones you want to participate in then, reading more becomes a lot easier. For example, these readathons usually consist of regular sprints, challenges and in some cases, prizes. These readathons result in a lot of fun and even new bookish friendships. Which you could then take them new bookish friends and arrange some buddy reads.

6. Visit your local library and also browse through Goodreads for inspiration – Goodreads is a geat way of finding new books to read and even get recommendations. However, it is also a lot of fun to visit your local library and browse the bookshelves for inspiration.

7. Document the books you read – This tip may not be for everyone however, documenting the books that you have read whether that is on Goodreads, on a blog or in a personal notebook/journal can be a great way of making you read more. Writing short reviews on each book that you read not only encourages you to read but also helps you to think more about what you are reading.

A bonus tip:

8. Always remember reading is meant to be fun – So if you are reading a book that you are really not enjoying or its starting to put you in a reading slump then don’t be afraid to DNF (Did not finish). There are so many more books out there for you to read so don’t waste your time on ones that you don’t like or just can’t get on with. Remember reading for pleasure is a luxury and you should enjoy what you are reading.

Lose yourself in a book.

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