Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day By Winifred Watson


Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day was written by Winifred Watson and was first published in 1938.

This novel is about Miss Pettigrew who in her own words is a “very bad” governess who is getting older, and really has one last chance to secure employment before she loses everything and ends up relying on the workhouse to keep her alive. By visiting her local employment agency she is given a address for a job offering a position for a governess. This chance ends up bringing her to the apartment of a young woman by the name of Miss Delysia LaFoss, who is a nightclub singer and a 1920’s style party girl. In fact Miss LaFoss has problems and these problems involve a number of men and Miss Pettigrew turns out to be just the right woman to help Miss LaFoss with her current problems.

During the day, that Miss Pettigrew spends with Miss LaFoss, her eyes are open to a whole new world, where she gets to see, do and experience things she never in her wildest dreams thought she would. As well as this, she has a wonderful and fun time straightening out the lives of Miss LaFoss and her glamorous friends.

The book itself is utterly delightful, charming and heart warming and captures a sense of happiness and pleasures in life that will make you smile as you read it. When it comes to the characters within the novel they are just brilliant and capture the excitements of being alive during this period.

Miss Pettigrew Liives for a Day is set in a London between wars that is a mixture of 1920’s glamorous lifestyle and 1930’s unemployment problems with a fairy tale element to it.

This wonderful Persephone classic was incredible and definitely leaves the reader with a sense of nostalgia of a bygone time.

I would highly recommend this sweet little novel especially if you are looking for an easy to read classic with a brilliant and at times gripping storyline.

That moment when you finish a book that has just become a new favourite!

Read: 16th – 17th June, 2016


The edition that I read was published my Persephone Books (2008).

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