5 Favourite Book to TV Adaptations

It’s that time of year again where you give new things a try. So why not take a look at some of my favourite book to TV adaptations and see if you find a new favourite. Hope you had a good Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I thought it was about time I shared some of my favourite TV adaptations of books. I’ve come across some book blogs that have done 5 favourite book to movie adaptations and thought I would do a similar post but with TV adaptations instead.

1. Pride and Prejudice (1995) – Production by the BBC

When it comes to this adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice it is by far my favourite. This take on Austen’s classic fits perfectly with the novel. The pace matches the flow of the novel, the setting, the actos: everything makes me smile. I have watched this version multiple times over the years and it definitely is my go-to favourite. This is where my love of period dramas really took off. And who could forget Mr.Darcy – my favourite! When it comes to the role of Mr.Darcy, Colin Firth was made for it and will forever be known as Mr.Darcy by the Jane Austen community.


2. An Inspector Calls (2015) – Production by the BBC

This has to be one of the best adaptation to appear on TV in 2015. I loved the aspect of now knowing what to expect next. The twists and turns of the plot left you on the edge of the sit. When I heard that this adaptation was coming out and the fact that the brilliant David Thewlis was starring in it, it was a must see. David Thewlis’ performance in An Inspector Calls was absolutely phenomenal and he is an overall fantastic actor.


3. Great Expectations (2011) – Production by the BBC

When it comes to adaptations of Great Expectations this is my favourite tv adaptation and I have another favourite for movie adaptations. Great Expectations is my favourite Charles Dickens novel. It has a sentimental meaning to me as it was the first Dickens novel I read and was the reason I feel in love with Charles Dickens’ works. With the likes of Gillian Anderson as MIss Havisham and Douglas Booth as Adult Pip the characters of the novel really come to life.


4. Emma (1996) – Production by the ITV

When it comes to adaptations of Jane Austen’s Emma the 1996 version starring Kate Beckinsale is my favourite. This adaptations reveals the book in a more exact way. The actors are a perfect choice for there characters role espceially Kate Beckinsale as Emma and Mark Strong as Mr. Knightley. The ending scenes of this adaptation are just perfect. Mark Strong is a perfect Mr. Knightley.


5.Cranford (2007) – Production by the BBC

THis adaptation of Cranford is a relatively new watch and buy for me. BUt I was immediately drawn in by the charm of the little market town of Cranford. Even thought the people of Cranford do not move along with the times a lot of change takes place throughtout this adaptation which builds the plot of the story perfectly. Once the plot starts to reveal so do some of the secrets of its villagers. Also who doesn’t love some gossiping old ladies!


I hope you find yourself some new favourites or even rewatch some of your own favourites. This will not be the last 5 book to TV adaptations I do so do keep a look out for more in the future. Once again Happy New Years guys!

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